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Netflix has been out here cutting major checks for exclusive comedy specials lately. They paid Dave Chappelle $60 MILLION Dollars for 3 specials, two of which are already on Netflix and are HILARIOUS! Well Chris Rock also got cut a check. $40 Million to be exact for two Netflix specials of his own. So that's 20 Mill per special they are paying Chappelle and Rock. So if we do some quick math here, the average comedy special is 60 minutes. So at 20 Million each, that's $333,333 per minute they perform LOL. This alone makes me wish i never stopped doing stand up comedy as much as I did. NOt that I would have been making those kind of dollars, but maybe I could have been getting like $333 per minute on stage lol I'd definitely be cool with that.

Anyways, Chris Rock has been on his Total Blackout tour working on material for his Netflix Special. He's getting ready to record his first special for Netflix

and he revealed that he will be doing it in front of a majority black crowd. Now this is huge, because Chris Rock has been universally funny, he draws people of all races, but most of his HBO specials have been a mixed crowds. For Chris Rock to be doing a mostly urban show is big. I'm very interested in watching his latest special. Chris Rock has not done a special in over 10 years, and of course with his recent divorce, he has a LOT of new material to talk about.

For more information on Chris Rocks Netflix Special Click here

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