The UCLA star and projected 1st overall pick in the NBA Draft Lonzo Ball has released his own shoe. This is believed to be the first time in history a player has released their own shoe before they were drafted. Lonzo was in the news recently when his outspoken father boasted that they were seeking a 1 BILLION Dollar Partnership with a big shoe company such as Nike. They wanted a partnership, not a shoe deal. That is asking a bit much, but instead they are rolling the dice and they have released their very own shoe. And get this, this shoe cost $495! Yes, that is more than new Jordans and new Lebron James combined. The shoe is called The Z02 under Big Baller Brand. Its a bold move, however, in the world we live in that people follow trends, it is going to either be a huge success or a HUGE FAILURE! There is a strong chance that in a year you will be seeing these shoes in Walmart next to Shaq shoes. But i'm sure before that happens Ball will rake in a small fortune. I just hope these things don't fall apart while playing in them.

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