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Blac Youngsta Says "Somebody's Snitchin"

As many may know by now, Young Dolph's (bullet proof) Van was shot up with over 100 rounds February 25th in Charlotte, NC. Well they found the van that pulled up and did the shooting and it was rented out by Blac Youngsta. In light of this Blac Youngsta went and turned himself in along with 2 other men. But here is the thing. Youngsta during news coverage of him walking into the police station of course says he knows nothing about any shooting and didn't do anything. Of course he is innocent until proven guilty, BUT ALSO during his talk with the news reporter he says "Its obvious somebody a rat, somebody snitching". Now wait a minute! I'm not saying he did it, but I do know that if I was accused of something, the last thing I would say is somebody Snitched. In my opinion a VERY poor choice of words. I would have said Somebody LYING! But in my opinion, there can't be any snitching unless there is truth behind it. Either they lying, or they snitching. Blac Youngsta already has posted the $90K bail on the 7 charges he is facing and he is currently out free.

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